TYPES 2010



The TYPES 2010 conference will be held in Warsaw, Poland, at the University of Warsaw Library ("BUW"). It will begin about 11 am on Wednesday 13th October (registration from 9am) and should end on Saturday 16th at lunch time.

The University of Warsaw Library building is fairly new. It was built only 10 years ago but it has already become one of the landmarks of Warsaw. The main facade on the Dobra Street side displays pieces of classical texts in various scripts, including the musical notation, the mathematical and computer science (!) notation, classical Greek and Hebrew. On the roof of the building there is a garden. It is one of the biggest and most beautiful roof gardens in Europe. The garden is open to the public. In October it is open from 9 am till 6 pm.

The easiest way to get to the conference site from the airport and the city center is to take bus no. 175. Get off at the UNIWERSYTET bus stop, then follow this map. The walk should take about 10 minutes. For more specific instructions on how to get to the conference site go to the Accommodation page.

See BUW at a larger map.


Coming to Poland: Poland is a member of the European Union and the Schengen Agreement. Citizens of many countries are not required to have a visa when entering Poland.

Currency: The currency in Poland is złoty (abbr. PLN or ) divided into 100 groszy (abbr. gr). 1 PLN is worth about 0,25 EUR or 0,30 USD. In hotels, many restaurants and most shops you can pay with a credit/debit card, in some places you can pay with Euro. There are quite a lot of ATMs in Warsaw, a few of them are located at the airport. You can also exchange cash in banks and currency exchange points called kantors.

English: English is the most commonly spoken foreign language in Poland. You can expect a hotel receptionist or a (decent) restaurant waiter to understand English. You cannot expect a public bus driver or a newspaper selling person to speak English, though. Unless you are lucky.

Getting to Warsaw

The easiest way to get to Warsaw from abroad is by air. The Frederic Chopin Airport (IATA code: WAW) is placed just 10 km from the city center.

Moving around in Warsaw

Public transport: A few advices:

Taxi: There are a lot of taxis in Warsaw and usually they are the fastest means of transport. However, when using them you should be careful and follow a few advices in order not to be deceived. A taxi cab should have a clear "TAXI" sign (not for instance "TAKI"), a meter, a company name, and a telephone number. Fare for 1km should be displayed at the cab window. When possible order your taxi by telephone, here is a list of licensed taxi companies. Maximal legal taxi prices: starting fee - 6,00 PLN, day rate - 3 PLN/km, night and holiday rate - 4,50 PLN/km. There is no additional charge for luggage. Beware of drivers who approach you at the airport, these drivers usually charge exorbitant rates. Ask for a taxi at the "taxi reception" located in the Terminal 2 arrival hall.


The number of conveniently located hotels is limited and it may be difficult to book a room if you do it late. Whether you use the information on our accommodation page or any Internet service (like e.g. www.booking.com, www.venere.com, www.hotele.pl, etc.), we recommend early booking.

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